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Stepparent Adoptions

Are you a Stepparent who is ready to become the legal parent of your spouse's child? 

Contact us today and let Adoption California help you navigate the legal process associated with finalizing Stepparent Adoptions. 

Independent Adoptions

Independent Adoptions are legal procedures in which the birth parent (or natural parent) of the child uses their personal knowledge to choose the adopting parent(s) where the child (the adoptee) will be placed.

Is this something you or a loved one identify with? Reach out to our California Adoption team to schedule a consultation. It's free!

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Second-Parent Adoptions

Do you need help establishing a legal parent-child relationship between you and your partner's child, but you are an unmarried same-sex couple? 

Second-Parent Adoption might be the answer for you! Contact us today so we may help you figure out what the best solution is for you. 

Foster Adoptions

Are you or someone you know interested in adopting a child who is currently under foster care or juvenile dependency? 

Adoption California is here to help! Schedule a consultation with us so we may help you create or expand your family via foster adoption. 

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Relative Adoption

If you are a grandparent, an older sibling, an uncle, etc. looking to adopt a child that is related to you, contact Adoption California.

The adoption process can be confusing and difficult to navigate, but with our help, we will guide you every step of the way!

Adult Adoption

An Adult Adoption is a legal process in which a legal parent-child relationship is established between the adopting parent(s) and an adoptee who is over the age of 18 years old.

Sounds like this could apply to you? Give us a call, our team at Adoption California would be more than happy to help!

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